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Lee, Jin-Wook
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineerin, Carnegie Mellon University

He is dreaming to take Ph.D degree in the field of Computer Science. And he likes a movie like action, SF etc. and watch TV news
section mainly. Sometimes feeling to easy by TV animation program. He live alone aprat from his family and he devorced with his wife.
But he is an emperor by himself. He is much interested in graphics, internet, programming.
He lives in Sujeong-dong, Dong-gu, Pusan, Republic of Korea. E-mail address is orange195@naaver.com

As a engineer who majored mechanical system and computer simulation, I have to concentrate my effort on the method to
express the basic shape using mathmatical technique and computer programming through analysis and logics. Also I hope
to imitate some design products and pictures which were produced by designers and artists because they are plentiful of
imagination and creativity.

Grid Generation | Grpahics Development | Motion Graphics | Shape Algorithm | Optimized Graphics | Flow Visualization
Using a Gfortra Compiler and Tecplot as a tools for developing graphics, NachoGraphics developed a lot of
computer graphics and motion graphics. In the graphics development part, the developed images include flower images, circular coloum
images, flighter images, and automobile images. Also this lab develops motion graphics with moving boundaries as like 3-D surface
motion graphics.