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Timeline 7. October/23/2015

Let me introduce you a new software. The name of the software is 'RealFlow 2013'.
The price is $3,995. The site address is
RealFlow has been the top fluid-simulation application for a decade.
This software can be used for the simulation of fire, explosions, rigid body simulation,
particle systems and more.
RealFlow can be interfaced with the major 3D application as like Maya, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max,
and more through plug-ins.

Timeline 6. August/19/2015

Grid Generation of flow domain for simulation of Shock Wave or Multi Phase Flow. (structured and single zone)

TimeLine 5. August/5/2015

Grid generation of flow domain which has two section of circular pipe.

TimeLine 4. April/7/2015

Created Rotating Line image on a way of making a Rotating Square.

TimeLine 3. Mar/25/2015

Grid Stretching method in the single direction is developed using exponential function.
TimeLine 2. Aug/26/2014

blue night story
TimeLine 1.

A new computer graphics image using mesh generation is introduced in the blog of pointwise company.
The pointwise is known for GridGen which is a well-known grid generation program in CFD society.

Spider-Man VS Venom